Gift card

If you cannot decide what she would like best, give the perfect gift - Minimal line jewellery Gift Card and let her create her own style. 

You can choose digital or paper gift card: 

Digital gift cards are sent over email to the gift recipient on the same day, if the order is placed during business days. If ordered on a non-business day, the E-Gift card will be sent to the recipient the next available business day.

Paper gift cards are shipped along with jewellery and follows the same processing times and delivery like jewellery.

  • The gift cards cannot be returned or exchanged back for money.
  • The card code works like a discount for the gift amount.
  • If value of selected items is less than gift card value, left extra money is not giving back. It is best to use all gift card money amount.
  • If the gift card was not used during the validity period, it is considered that the card was used and the money is not giving back.
  • The validity of the gift card is 6 (six) months after the purchase of the card.
Digital or paper: